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Segars Media - a multi-faceted advisory firm specializing in helping companies and their management teams navigate disruption across all aspects of their global enterprises. Founded in 2004 Segars Media has worked with a variety of clients including Fortune 50 companies, multi national start-ups, and government institutions.

Our services include C-Suite advisory focusing upon:

  • Strategic and Operational planning

  • Organizational design

  • Growth area identification and execution

  • Government Affairs and Policy (Domestic and International)

  • Mission building, Brand Marketing and Crisis Communication planning and execution

  • IAM-Immersive Advisory Management -where our team members work side by side with current management to fill responsibility and operational gaps in organizational structures including CRO, CMO, CFO and/or other divisional responsibilities. 

  • Content Studio

While Segars Media has worked across a variety of sectors including tech, manufacturing and security sectors, its founding partner, Charles Segars, specializes in transitioning traditional media ventures into multi-faceted, digital content businesses distributed upon OTT, MVPD, social, mobile platforms.  His primary focus is helping media clients succeed in subscription customer acquisition strategies thru innovative distribution, JV marketing partnerships, data analytics and organizational incentives and structures.  Segars also advises U.S. legislative policy analysts and elected officials on media, tech and security sector strategies. He has testified in Congress alongside a number of industry leaders about the confluence of media and tech mergers.

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